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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Legitimised Vandalism

Another George Bond building is being bulldozed, to make way for a car park - a charming view for visitors to Rochester Castle. At the Aveling & Porter demolition protest on Thursday, it was rightfully pointed out that if the average citizen did what the council are doing, they would be arrested. Medway Council seems to think it has the right to strip our towns of their heritage, to ignore our voices and violate its own code of conduct. The council seems to have forgotten that it does not own these towns, it is just a caretaker, yet is not taking any care at all. What will this mindless minder be passing on to the next generation? All that will be left is a clinically beautiful historic Rochester surrounded by rubble; the remnants of the council's destruction.

Criminals. Vandals. Liars. Thieves. Oh, and kerb crawlers. Medway Council. Serving You.

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