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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Triptych of Destruction: Aveling & Porter Building

Medway painter Peter Reeds goes to the site of the Aveling & Porter building in Strood for a third time to record the unnecessary demolition of the building and bring something new and colourful to the situation. The time-lapse video can be viewed here.

Medway Council and Medway Renaissance Bombers have chosen to demolish this beautiful building to create a car park. This has cost the tax payer £800,000. The building could have been saved for the same amount.

Medway Renaissance Bombers' Robin Cooper is on record as saying that the building had "no purpose".

One Medway photographer is on record as saying that Mr Cooper has "no imagination".

If we tolerate this, then Sun Pier will be next.

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  1. because of course all buildings have a purpose independent of human intervention - WTF is the man on about - arse!