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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Seems I've been ranting elsewhere lately...

I love a rant and a moan, me. But I haven't blogged for a while. I blame Facebook. When I rant there people rant back. Or sometimes agree. And it draws me in. Sometimes though, it's nice to just throw ideas into the wilderness and not have anyone notice. It's a bit like having the freedom to stand on top of a hill to shout at clouds. It's liberating. But since freedom seems to send me scurrying back to my box, I'll post something pointful (which is a word if I want it to be).

My other rants have been tamed into reasonably articulate newspaper articles. I am a bit of a Lefty, but that beats being a blowhole. I wrote the articles for The Medway Broadside, an independent community newspaper written solely by volunteers.

The first was about the provision of analogue hearing aids. Or how some departments of the NHS were denying patients a choice about their treatment. You can read it here.

The second was about a brilliant up and coming artist called Daisy Parris and the exhibition she had back in February. She is currently exhibiting at the Deaf Cat Cafe in Rochester. Her work will be there until the 10th of July so make sure you get down there for a look. That article can be viewed here.

The third, which I'd actually forgotten about in all the disappointment, was an article about the AV referendum. You can read that one here, not that it matters any more.

The last article I wrote, which featured in the most recent print edition, was about youth clubs, cuts to youth services and the message it sends to our young people. But mostly, it was about how one community sought to help the local kids rather than demonise them. You can read it here.

My photos keep turning up in unexpected places too, most recently inside the sleeve of the new Lupen Crook album, Waiting for the Post-Man, which you must buy immediately as it's stark raving genius. If you don't want to take my word for it, there are a few reviews around. You could start with this one which is pretty thorough.

That is all.

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