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Monday, 30 November 2009

From the Mouths of Twats #1

"Can you not see that learning how to behave in an institutional context is an acquired skill, one that is acquired slowly and surely over the years, and that children who are not used to institutional behaviour and have to learn it later will need to be carried by those who have already acquired the skill?" - Random Twat #1

Apparently, only children who have been to school can function in the "real world". Now, let's see, home educated kids do lots of things with their parents in the "fake world", shopping, banking, dealing with council twats, walks in the park, negotiating public transport, ordering food, posting letters, weighing up the badly informed arguments of the ignorant. All the while, school children are sitting quietly, in neat little rows, while a much older person is talking at them about prescribed subjects in the "real world". No, hang on...

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