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Monday, 30 November 2009

Monaxle interviewed on BBC Radio Kent

Monaxle was interviewed this morning on BBC Radio Kent about his arrest in Chatham High Street on July 8th 2009. He was arrested UNLAWFULLY under terrorism laws for having a camera/ being too tall/ obstructing a police officer/ acting suspiciously. The interview can be heard on his blog.

My comment referenced others which had just been made and was read out on air:

Alex's experience is far from isolated. Amateur Photographer is a weekly magazine yet has a column dedicated to this issue, every single week.

I'm part of an artists collective called Medway Eyes which organised a photo walk back in August in response to Alex's arrest. During the photo walk, a security guard from Poundland asked us what we thought we were doing and that he had to worry about terrorism. So bizarre and quite unfounded attitudes towards terrorism in Kent extend beyond the police. With more people being given extra powers (or assuming them regardless); PCSOs, council representatives, bouncers, security guards we can expect more interference in our civil lives.

It's not good enough to say if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear. It's not good enough to say, just tell them what they need to know - this will not lead to an easy life. Say no to these people. Stand up for your rights or they will be eroded, bit by bit.

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  1. Good on you Lisa. I'm really busy these days so could not listen in past my interview. Shame becuase I would have liked to have heard the comments and discussion which I think took place. Still waiting for something in writing. I'm beginning to wonder if anyone in Kent Police knows how to write a letter!