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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Supplying Alcohol to Children Vs Theft

I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to post this because I was really angry about it at the time, but here goes. During the Dickens Christmas celebrations in Rochester, as I stood, teeth chattering and freezing my arse off while Phil tried to shoot a King Kong-sized teddy (or something), I watched a woman working another stall. It was a booze stall. You pay money for hoops. You throw the hoops at the bottles of booze. If the hoop lands over the bottle, you win it. Simple? I don't think so. This woman was taking money from kids who looked to be about 14, and were certainly no older than 16.

Scenario A - Child gets hoop over bottle and woman supplies child with alcohol.

Scenario B - Woman knows it's not possible to get hoop over bottle (hence lack of concern regarding supply of alcohol to children) and takes the child's money anyway (along with everyone else's), i.e. theft.

So I ask myself, is it better to supply children with alcohol or just steal their money? And how can this theft be justified at a council-run event? And how does that woman sleep at night? As I wandered off, I came across a couple of policemen, but when I looked back at the booze stall, there were no punters. I considered boring the policemen with my theories but I was too cold. So I went home and raided my son's piggy bank. Well, I'd run out of cider.

Originally posted on www.sweetfanny.co.uk 17/04/09

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