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Monday, 30 November 2009

From the Mouths of Twats #3

"We will also clamp down on the flood of ‘asylum seekers’, all of whom are either bogus or can find refuge much nearer their home countries." - Random Twat #3 (BNP)

Because when you're a refugee you want to flee to the country nearest the one you're escaping from. Why is it always a flood of asylum seekers? Why can't it be a bouquet of asylum seekers?


  1. I heard a few days ago that the most immigrants who came into britain in 2008 were actually British citizens. Maybe the sun stopped shining in Spain?

  2. There's this funny, unspoken double standard whereby white, English speaking immigration is ok (we can't get enough Aussies, New Zealanders, Americans, Canadians etc.), whereas people who don't speak English and or/aren't white and immigrate to this country are a problem. There's a removals company called Aussie Man With a Van that operates in London and is by all accounts doing very well - I wonder how well 'Romanian man with a van' or 'Pakistani man with a van' would do? Australians are the fifth largest immigarnt group from 2007-8, the net increase in immigration could be removed by deporting all the Australians that entered the countey in 2007-8 (24,000), yet no-one's clamouring for the Aussies to go back where they came from. Why? Because they're white and they speak English. (P.S I have nothing against Australians, just people who try to mask their racist opinions by talking about 'immigration' when what they mean is 'anyone who isn't the same colour/doesn't speak the same first language as me.')

  3. I think that in general people find it very difficult to distinguish between immigrants, illegal immigrants and asylum seekers. Or rather, they don't. I am an immigrant myself from a non-English speaking country and I have lived here all of my adult life. I have contributed to the system just like anyone else who lives and works here, but i have not been educated here, or have had any NHS treatment. People always talk to me about immgrants and how it is bad for the country but when I point out that Iam one too they always say that they don't mean people like me.. very hypocritical and two-faced..

  4. The world has thrived for centuries on immigration. I wonder how many Brits there actually are who can trace their ancestry back to pre-Roman Britain. Not many would be my guess. What about Medieval Britain? Tudor Britain? Even Georgian or Victorian? We all came from somewhere else at some time or another. We travelled. We spread ideas. We invented stuff. That's the way it works.

    If everyone went back where they came from, there would be a lot of confused people wandering about, displaced, homeless. I'd like to see Bonnie Greer explain to Nick Griffin one more time, just where it is he comes from :D